Firefighting softwareSystem Requirements

Our software will run on a handheld PDA, smartphone, or computer. Please specify which version you will be using when you place your order..

Handheld PDA:
Any device running Palm OS version 3 or later (Palm OS 5 required for the most recent features)
Any device running Pocket PC (Windows Mobile)

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All Treo models*
Any phone running Palm OS
Any phone running Windows Mobile "Pocket PC Phone Edition", with touchscreen and stylus (NOT "Smartphone Edition" which does not have a touch screen)

Windows 98 or later

The applications require between 1 and 3 MB of main memory. This page has specific memory requirements for each product. Common features, like the ERG database, are shared and so several products will consume less memory than the individual totals.

You can order the software preinstalled on a new handheld device. See the Order page for this option.

*Palm Treo models may run Palm OS (600, 650, 680p, 700p, 755p) or Windows Mobile Pocket PC (700w, 750w). Please choose the appropriate platform when placing your order.