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Firefighting softwareEMS Responder Toolkit

Feature List & Specifications for BLS and ALS

  1. Pediatric info and vitals for various age levels, including weight, heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, CPR ratios, defibrillation and cardioversion energy levels, ET Tube size, laryn. blade size, chest tube size, NG tube size, foley catheter size.
  2. Treatment guidelines and EMS procedures (BLS and ALS) for most common emergencies
  3. Documentation tips with specifics for many chief complaints
  4. List of top 200 prescribed drugs, with both generic and brand names, drug class and manufacturer
  5. Detailed information about the most common EMS drugs (class, actions, indications, contraindications, precautions, side effects, adult dosage, routes, pediatric dosage
  6. Event Recorder will time stamp critical actions during a call and show you a history file.[picture1, picture2]
  7. Track your certifications; reminder pops up when renewal date is approaching.[picture]
  8. Full color anatomy diagrams with zoom and pan
  9. Keep track of your local radio channels/frequencies
  10. Electrocardiograms (EKG) for over 20 rythms
  11. Lead placement and EKG guide diagrams
  12. Shift Calendar, support multiple calendars (NEW)
  13. First Responder medical training guide (100+ questions)
  14. EMT-B training guide (800+ questions with explanations)
  15. Paramedic training guide (800+ questions)
  16. Training aids score history
  17. Training aids choose between multiple choice, flashcard, true/false, reverse answer
  18. EMS foreign language phrase translator (English, Spanish, Portugese, French, German, Russian)
  19. List of commonly used abbreviations and acronyms
  20. First aid and information for different types of bites and stings, such as bees, poisonous spiders, scorpions, centipedes, etc.
  21. ERG 2004 hazmat database with over 3800 materials (NEW)
  22. Search ERG by name, guide, UN ID number [picture]
  23. Browse hazmat placards and link to guide info
  24. Hazmat guides for each material group: fire response, health info, safety, PPE, evacuation, isolation, spill/leaks, first aid
  25. Signs of typical WMD/terrorist attack
  26. Hazmat response phone numbers
  27. Detailed information about drugs that are commonly abused (both illegal and legal drugs)
  28. Comprehensive list of common (and not so common) street terms used for drugs
  29. EMT-Basic skills sheets (12 step by step skills, with critical criteria)
  30. Comprehensive list of eponyms (words that contain a name, like "Adson's Sign")
  31. Comprehensive list of phobias
  32. First aid and information about various toxic and poisonous plants
  33. 50 step by step training scenarios, both medical and trauma, with these stages: dispatch, considerations, arrival, assessment, vitals, SAMPLE, and treatment.
  34. Signs and symptoms search tool for common emergencies [picture1, picture2]
  35. Signs and symptoms search tool for WMD agents
  36. Signs and symptoms search tool for biological weapon agents
  37. Interactive checklist for Multiple Casualty incident
  38. Interactive checklist for CO Emergency
  39. Interactive checklist for Hazmat incident
  40. Interactive checklist for Motor Vehicle Collision
  41. Incident command system reference
  42. Fancy EMS terms quiz
  43. Hazmat orientation for medical personnel training aid
  44. Directional terms quiz
  45. Prefixes and suffixes training aid
  46. START Triage training aid
  47. NIMS Training Aid
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