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Hazmat Toolkit

Dozens of features for all hazmat and WMD responders, and we
guarantee free upgrades for at least one year!

  • ERG 2004 hazmat database with over 3800 materials, provides this information: health hazards, fire/explosion hazards, public safety, protective clothing, evacuation procedures, fire response, spill/leak response, and first aid response.
  • NIOSH pocket guide database provides this information: CAS & RTECS number, chemical formula, REL, PEL, IDLH, description/odor, molecular weight, boiling point, freezing point, mleting point, solubility, specific gravity, flash point, UEL/LEL, reactivity, first aid, respirator, exposure routes, symptoms, target organs, and more technical information.
  • Search ERG by name, guide, UN ID number
  • Browse hazmat placards and click instant link to response guide info
  • Browse container types with descriptions (truck trailers, rail cars, typical contents, specifications, etc.)
  • List of Chemical Weapon precursors
  • List of Illegal Drug precursors
  • List of Explosives precursors
  • NFPA 704 symbol guide
  • Glossary of over 1200 terms used in NBC events
  • Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) reference guide
  • LPG explosion standoff distances
  • CPC: description of standard levels
  • CPC: specific suit types
  • CPC: trade names
  • CPC: seam types
  • CPC: glove selection guide
  • Spill area and volume calculator*
  • Gas concentration at 68 degrees calculator, based on Vapor Pressure*
  • PPM to mg/m3 conversion, based on molecular weight*
  • mg/m3 to PPM conversion, based on molecular wieght*
  • Hazmat response phone numbers
  • Hazard classifications guide
  • Signs & Symptoms - tap on patient signs/symptoms to see a list of possible WMD and/or biological agents that could be the cause
  • Indicators of Meth Lab with commonly used chemicals
  • Signs of typical WMD/terrorist attack
  • Decontamination checklist
  • Periodic table of elements*
  • Atomic elements database*
  • NIOSH first aid definitions*
  • Track your certifications; reminder pops up when renewal date is approaching*
  • Track your local radio channels*
  • Hazmat Awareness training aid
  • Hazmat Technician training aid
  • Emergency Response to Terrorism training aid
  • Hazmat Orientation for Medical Personnel (and others) training aid
  • Training aids choose between multiple choice, flashcard, true/false, reverse answer

* These features are only available on Windows, Pocket PC, and the latest Palm version which requires Palm OS 5 or later and a hi res display (320x320 or better). Older Palm devices can run the older version of the software without these features