Firefighting softwarePocket Mobility Advantages

Handheld devices (PDA's) are becoming more and more popular as users see the advantages of a mobile computing device that fits in your pocket. You can replace a pretty big stack of handbooks and reference guides, and access information in a fraction of the time otherwise. Other products you may have seen might appear similar, but we feel we offer some compelling advantages with our Fire/Rescue Toolkit:

  • PDA Experience - Pocket Mobility Inc. has been creating PDA software since 1999. Our software is optimized for small devices, runs faster, requires less memory, and takes advantage of the full computing ability of a PDA. We include interactive material (not just static text and tables), databases, calculators, etc. that you don't find in a paper guidebook or a sloppy "eBook" style application ported over from another platform.Our products run on the latest PDA's running the latest operating systems (and old ones, too), and can be installed on a memory card (Palm version).
  • Field Experience - Our President is a volunteer firefighter/EMT, so you can bet our software has been field tested! We've been collecting customer feedback and improving our software for the last 5 years.
  • Customer Service - This is something that is hard to find these days. Customer feedback on our online store has earned us a "Top Service" rating, putting us among the best in the business. We freely provide our business address unlike some "mystery stores" on the internet, and we actually return emails promptly!
  • Guarantee - Frankly, we only want happy customers, so we let you try out our software in advance of youre purchase. Go ahead and download something right now. You shouldn't settle for anything else.
  • More Service - If you lose your software, buy a new PDA, or need to reinstall for any reason, we'll get you up and running again - FREE. We don't limit the number of times you can request a key code for your own device.
  • Instant, FREE delivery - You can download our software immediately and pay no shipping. If you prefer a CD-ROM rather than downloading, you can get that for a small handling fee.